Research and developpement


WARNING : In the United States, Ricarimpex leeches may only be used as an adjunct to the healing of graft tissue when problems of venous congestion may delay healing, or to overcome problems of venous congestion by creating prolonged localized bleeding. Leeches have not been cleared by the FDA for any of the applications in general medicine described on this website or in any other source of information on medicinal leeches, scientific or otherwise.

Research and developpement

In recent years, alongside its breeding activities, the company has expanded its research efforts, focusing in particular on the use of the various substances present in the saliva of the annelids in the medical field, but also in cosmetics.
For more than 10 years now, RICARIMPEX has been working with the “International Medical Leech Centre” based in Moscow and directed by Professor Guennady NIKONOV, a world authority in this field of research, whose discoveries and experience have been of great benefit to RICARIMPEX.
RICARIMPEX is also working closely with the Annelid Neuroimmunology and Neurochemistry Laboratory at the University of Lille in France with a view to studying the different substances extracted from the saliva of medicinal leeches. This research work may lead to the emergence of new active ingredients for the medical field. The applications under consideration are vast, ranging from pain treatment to neurological conditions and cardiovascular diseases.

Given the numerous and diverse properties of the saliva, there seemed to be some interest in enabling the public to benefit from them, in a form other than the direct application of the leech. It is for this reason that, in addition to the production of active ingredients for the purposes of research, the company also produces leech extracts for use in the field of dermo-cosmetics. In particular, the vasodilatory, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and moisturising properties are exploited in these products aimed at treating heavy legs, skin conditions, acne and dehydration, etc. In combination with plant-based active ingredients, leech extract acts as a diffusing agent, thereby increasing their efficacy tenfold.