The leeches


WARNING : In the United States, Ricarimpex leeches may only be used as an adjunct to the healing of graft tissue when problems of venous congestion may delay healing, or to overcome problems of venous congestion by creating prolonged localized bleeding. Leeches have not been cleared by the FDA for any of the applications in general medicine described on this website or in any other source of information on medicinal leeches, scientific or otherwise.

Leeches have been used since antiquity for therapeutic purposes. Throughout history, the leech has enjoyed periods when it has been in favour in France – during the 19th century in particular – but also periods during which it has been abandoned and even the subject of denigration. In recent years, leeches have grown in popularity once again for use in plastic surgery and traumatology and they have also made a return in the field of traditional medicine.